Saturday, August 26, 2006

Operation Democracy Comics, volume 2

Let the record show that the civic fields of XXX still lay sallow, with no sign of Democracy Operations. MoveOn PAC's CALL FOR CHANGE has not called the MINUTE TAKER to enlist another faithful soldier in the cause! The MINUTE TAKER can only conclude that the MoveOn commanders have fully withdrawn from XXX, leaving us conscripts without orders or equipment or, indeed, the ability to communicate. The MINUTE TAKER has resigned to sit idly, passively, in front of the television, cursing the insanity of the modern American condition, watching the moment in which we can TAKE BACK CONGRESS grow ever closer.

And yet--the record must show--so far away.

The MINUTE TAKER wonders.
The MINUTE TAKER dreams.
And, fortunately for the sake of the record, the MINUTE TAKER is not alone in this universe!
As if plucked straight from the MINUTE TAKER's fever-dreams of the heyday of Operation Democracy, and day-dreams of the fantastic possibilities of Call for Change, the mailman has delivered the long-anticipated MoveOn Minutes Illustrated: Volume II!

Note the striking departure from the gritty dramatic realism of Operation Democracy: Volume I. This episode is a harrowing journey into a hellish dreamscape: the astral plane of civic energies, in which Operation Democracy engages Battle on numerous fronts. Let the record show that this apocalyptic scene conjures up, in equal parts, the triumph of Lady Liberty leading the French to Revolution, the orgies of violence and lust of Hieronymous Bosch, and the edge-of-your-seat ride-of-thrills-and-laughs of DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE.

Note that this anarchic dystopia is fraught with both the evil of man unto himself and the cruel wrath of Mother Nature. Amid the melee, the record will show valiant efforts of Operation Democracy troops to rescue the villagers from volcanic eruption, extinquish a city aflame, and perform other heroic acts of dashing derring-do -- for instance, the rescue of those who appear to be drowning in the runoff of Operation Democracy's Freedom Water!

Further note that the cursed landscape takes the shape of a supine, splayed, uni-bosomatic female figure. Oh, the whims of Art! Mark, this record shall remain devoid of formal interpretation -- let it be left to the critics and historians and sundry armchair-fuddyduddies to hem and haw upon the symbolism thereof (be it an allegorical indictment of Democracy's conception out of sin and war-i.e., the Civic Syphilitic Parable-or perhaps a cautionary tale of the destructive horrors of nearsighted urban planning -- the MINUTE TAKER does not know and cannot say).

However, this episode has renewed hope that Operation Democracy, wherever it is, is IN IT TO WIN IT!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Reporting Back to MoveOn

[For the Record, the MINUTE TAKER will post the text of an email sent to MoveOn PAC on the onset of the fourth week without progress on Operation Democracy.]

Hello MoveOn --

The MINUTE TAKER would like to report back on the results of six weeks of Operation Democracy (1/3 of the way to the election!). The record plainly shows a mixture of modest gains, promising energy, and opportunities for further growth. The MINUTE TAKER has, for the record, tried to keep MoveOn Minutes as anonymous as possible -- so as not to disrupt the participation of other volunteers. Rather, the Minutes must be taken for the sake of recording the process of progress!

Recently, however, the MINUTE TAKER's former team has ceased to exist, and attempts to find still-functioning group entities have been fruitless. The only explanation given is to wait for an email -- but the record will show that waiting is the hardest part! Democracy must operate as soon as possible if the MINUTE TAKER and fellow residents of XXX are to help TAKE BACK CONGRESS! We are all hopeful (presumably) that MoveOn is working its hardest to get us up and running again.

In the meantime, the record will have to show that as of tonight, the Project Red Handed Home Base makes the following announcement:
"Downloadable signs (will be available Friday, Aug 4)"

As the email header shows, today is Aug 6th.
The MINUTE TAKER would be happy to get on with the Project as a maverick Operative -- but unfortunately, that seems to be a delayed opportunity.

But in the meantime, the MINUTE TAKER has already had an early start at Project Red Handed (without those clever red foam hands, unfortunately!) so let this email be an official report to MoveOn and, hopefully for the record, all of Operation Democracy!

This cartoon (Operation Democracy Illustrated Vol 1) will make for a great front page inclusion on the estimable Caught Red Handed page. (Here is the post that this comic depicts.)

Finally, can you direct the MINUTE TAKER to the proper address of the Operation Democracy Blog? Surely the campaign has such an online presence. Suffice it to say that the record would be greatly enhanced if the MoveOn Minutes could 'hyperlink' to Operation Democracy bloggolalia!

--MINUTE TAKER, awaiting MoveOn's updates.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Operation Democracy Comics, volume 1

Let the record show that the MINUTE TAKER's participation in Operation Democracy remains suspended -- the new team appears to be inactive and Field Organizer J is out of contact. No sign of M, or S for that matter. But let the record further show that the readers of the MOVEON MINUTES have taken the matter, quite literally, into their own hands! Standing far apart and above from the volumes of reader mail that the MINUTE TAKER receives, yesterday a package arrived containing extensive illustrations of the highlights of Operation Democracy (pre-team collapse)!

Below, please behold the first issue of the MoveOn Minutes Illustrated! Loyal readers of the Minutes will recognize that this is a faithful rendering of the OIL FREE CONGRESS Media Event; let the record show that this cartoon displays both logistical AND emotional adherence to the record! Drama, surprise, a dash of eroticism, the eternal struggle of man against nature and traffic, inspiration, and tactical political maneuvering -- it's all there! Onward, Operation Democracy!

One more note for the record: while the MINUTE TAKER searches for a new Operation Democracy team, the MoveOn Minutes will be accepting submissions from any other Democracy Operatives across the country! If you would like to submit your minutes to the record, please compile and send to the.minute.taker[ at ]

Monday, July 24, 2006


Let the record show that the MINUTE TAKER sent emails, and the MINUTE TAKER left messages. M did not respond to repeated queries; the MINUTE TAKER fears that M has been lost to the cause. Weeks went by without word from Operation Democracy of further efforts.

The MINUTE TAKER has no means to communicate with other XXX Democracy Operatives. The record must show that the Operation Democracy Action Center web site has been denying the MINUTE TAKER access to the XXX team page. Instead, upon logging in to the Action Center, the following message is displayed:

We couldn't figure out what team you were trying to work with. It's possible the team you were trying to work with no longer exists.

The team no longer exists? Let the record show surprise and alarm!

Finally, XXX Regional Organizer J was successfully contacted. J confirmed that the XXX team has been disbanded; there were no reasons provided for the record to show.

J's tone was strained--guarded, even:
"There are no events in your area in the immediate future."

J indicated that Operation Democracy will soon entering into its next phase of phone banking for the 2006 election; there was no information as to exactly when this next phase will begin -- "you will receive an email," indicated J. Whenever the phase shall begin, let the record reflect upon the remarkably early date to commence phone banking -- despite the fact that research indicates that contacting people by phone more than once, and farther than a week before an election, is a 'waste of resources.' Perhaps Operation Democracy intends to contact voters more than three or even four times!

It must be reported that J will soon be relocated out of YYY, leaving the entire state unstaffed. Good luck to J. But let the record show that, electorally-speaking, this is a rather large gap in the nationwide structure of Operation Democracy.

The MINUTE MAKER is baffled. Flustered. Disappointed. Fellow XXX chapter volunteers probably feel the same way -- however, Operation Democracy has provided the MINUTE TAKER no means to be in touch with any of them.

And yet, despair has not yet overtaken. The record will show that where there is a will for democracy, there is a way. The MINUTE TAKER has just today joined a new team in a new neighborhood, and has even left a message on the team's new, heretofore un-messaged bulletin board. Further updates to the record are pending!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Oil Free Congress Media Event Follow-Up

Let the record show an encouraging result of the Oil Free Congress event: Congressman caught in lie!
“I’ve never taken a nickel from oil companies,” said Davis. “ has been widely discredited ..."
Busted! Now it is you who has been widely discredited, Representative Tom Davis.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Special July 4th Edition: Recording the Frequently Asked Questions

The MINUTE TAKER was feeling particularly patriotic on Monday, what with Independence Day but a day away. But let the record show that on July 4th, 2006, the two hundred and thirtieth anniversary of our country's founding, MoveOn PAC's Operation Democracy is inactive throughout America.

The MINUTE MAKER spoke with Regional Organizer J about this, to which J responded: "I've got a day off!"

Let the record show that this announcement was issued with a tone of immense relief--as if a single day off of work was like an oasis in a desert. Happy holiday to Regional Organizer J.

In the meantime, the MINUTE TAKER has chosen to honor the birth of this fine country by taking the record through a review of the Operation Democracy Frequently Asked Questions page. What follows in the record is a review of selected questions from that rather long list.

How much of a time commitment is required?

If you're going to be a team leader, you should be prepared to put in an hour or two per week—though it will require more time during weeks when you're taking action, and might take less on off weeks. If you aren't leading the team, but can commit to being involved in regular team activities and being someone other team members can count on, you should sign up as an "lead volunteer," and be prepared to spend 2-5 hours per month. If you can't commit to regular involvement, you can be a " volunteer," and ask the team to keep you posted on team activities.

Let the record show that this is an decidedly reasonable time commitment! Indeed, one might think that stopping the Republican agenda and TAKING BACK CONGRESS would require more resource allocation than, say, doing the laundry. The MINUTE TAKER wonders whether this reflects the efficiency of MoveOn's plan.

Will we be able to communicate with other Operation Democracy teams?

We know many people want to be able to communicate with other Operation Democracy teams in the community. We will create a way for team leaders in your area to communicate and coordinate, either electronically or in-person. This may take a few months to get up and rolling, however.
The MINUTE TAKER suggests, for the record, some combination of email and forum technology, implemented over the World Wide Web. There are even web sites that could help Operation Democracy get this sort of thing 'up and rolling' in a few minutes--for free! (Let the record reflect upon the idea that the Internet is sort of like one giant Operation Democracy.)

Let the record show that there is, as of yet, no apparent way to communicate with other Democracy Operatives. But surely it has not yet been 'a few months' since this question was frequently asked...right?

Are we working with other groups like Democracy for America or ACT?

Just this week we met with both groups to discuss our plans and theirs and opportunities to work together. Naturally, as separate organizations we'll sometimes take separate paths: for example, Democracy for America will continue to support candidates for state and local office, while our focus will be primarily national, and ACT is still shaping their plan for the next few years.
Let the record show that almost one year ago, ACT 'shaped its plan' so that it would no longer exist. Allow the record to presume that by this, the Operation Democracy leaders mean that they have, just this week, met with the spirit of the deceased organization.

We need to do something positive, instead of just fighting against things. Is that part of the vision for Operation Democracy?

Right now, one critical task is to stop the Republican leadership's extraordinarily dangerous agenda. But we also need to be clear about what we stand FOR. And make sure Democratic politicians are communicating to voters what THEY stand for. That's why our strategy will include: developing a positive agenda; encouraging Democrats in Congress to fight for progressive values; and encouraging Democratic candidates to be clear about what they'll fight for if elected. And where we have an opportunity to make real progress on an issue, instead of just playing defense, we'll hop on it right away.
Let the record show that Operation Democracy has undertaken the strategy of fighting FOR progress. Issues on which we can make progress are very important, as is the positivity of the agenda. Democratic leaders should communicate, and we should take every opportunity to make THEM stand FOR issues. In conclusion, we need to be very clear about what WE stand FOR.

Will we have a choice about what we do?

Yes. Each month we will have a major activity that we will ask every team to take part in, because together we can make the biggest impact. We will also have a few other actions that more active teams can engage in. It’s up to your team to decide how active you want to be and which actions you want to participate in, though in general we expect that your team willdo at least the major activity each month.
Let the record show that the choice thereby offered is between: doing what is announced, and not doing what is announced. Sort of like democracy!

Will we work as a network on local issues or elections?

No. Local issues or electoral campaigns are vital, but we normally don't work on them for three basic reasons:

One of MoveOn's key advantages is the responsiveness and efficiency we gain from our very small staff. We make this possible by choosing campaigns and strategies that people can replicate across the country, and using technology to make this process as easy as possible. ...

We believe that, strategically speaking, there's an urgent need for national coordinated action of the kind we organize, in order to win a voice for ordinary Americans in Washington D.C. This is our niche. ...

We simply can't examine and approve tactics, messages, and materials on dozens, let alone thousands, of state and local efforts, which, for legal reasons, we'd need to do if people worked on those efforts in the name of MoveOn (or in their capacity as MoveOn leaders).
In other words, this is sort of like grassroots...hanging from the sky! (Spanish moss!?) Let the record show that MoveOn believes the need for this kind of 'national coordinated action' is so great that its organizers are reportedly recruiting potential members away from local volunteer organizations.

What will exactly will we be doing?

Basically teams will be working at the grassroots level to counter Republican propaganda, promote a positive progressive agenda and lay the groundwork for sweeping electoral change in 2006.

....[W]e'll work on other key issues, all the while spreading the message that Republicans are putting corporate donors before everyday Americans. We'll use a whole range of approaches depending on the issue: for example, letters to the editor of your local newspaper on Iraq, news conferences demanding election reform, town meetings on Bush's screwed-up budget priorities, bake sale fundraisers, or meetings between members of Congress and local citizens who can't afford a Social Security benefit cut.
Let the record show that the 'whole range' of this strategy ("gamut," if the record will) is basically basic -- and awesome! The MINUTE MAKER can personally attest to spreading thirty fliers worth of message about the Republican Oil Lobby, all across the grassroots of the -- Street median. The idea of town meetings to discuss the Federal Budget sounds even more productive. The MINUTE TAKER also suggests car washes and perhaps colored bracelets -- anything to lay the groundwork for sweeping electoral change.

How will we decide what issues we work on?

That will depend, in part, on how events unfold. But we know, based on the priorities you set at the Future of MoveOn parties in November and your feedback through other avenues, that we'll work on Social Security, election reform, and the war, among other issues. We'll also use surveys and other feedback mechanisms to solicit your ideas and input.
Let the record show that the pronoun 'we' appears to be confused. (Perhaps the question should read, "How will you decide what issues we work on, and how does the input we provide through various feedback mechanisms affect your decision?") But let the record further show that 'feedback mechanisms' are an integral tool of any Democratic Operation. That way, Democracy Operatives can provide input on issues, like the war, as events unfold.

We live in a very progressive state. Shouldn't we be calling Senators somewhere else?

It is our strategic judgment that every Senator needs to hear from constituents on this issue right now—even those who are reliably progressive or who have spoken out against the nuclear option. Stopping the nuclear option may require these senators to take considerable political risks in order to lead the Democrats into an extremely high-stakes confrontation with Bush and the Republican leadership in Congress: Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid has threatened to "shut down the Senate" if the Republicans take away the Democrats' voice...To transform this from a Washington insider's game to a fight in the public spotlight, Senators need to know people are paying attention.
Let the record show that the MINUTE TAKER is confused by this answer. Nuclear option? Is another Supreme Court seat about to be vacated?!

Should we make plans to get together again?

As a team, you'll want to meet somewhat regularly. We'll tell you about next month's main action in by the end of the month, so you might want to make a plan to meet during the first week of April, if not before.
Let the record show that the very first two words on this document are "Updated often." Let the record further show that the MINUTE TAKER even 'reloaded' the browser, and the FAQ page did not refresh with any new information. Confusion has yielded to acceptance. Perhaps sometime last winter, Operation Democracy de-prioritized the task of regularly updating the Frequently Asked Questions in its plan to TAKE BACK CONGRESS in 2006. This is understandable, as there have been at least three or four 'media events' since April.

I have a question that isn't answered here. What do I do?

We can't answer every question individually, but if you contact us with your question; we'll answer the most common in this FAQ.
Let the record show that the MINUTE TAKER is actually not so good at grammar, and has struggled to determine the meaning of this sentence. Perhaps it means: if you submit a question that has been asked 'most frequently,' it may be added to this list along with an answer--but otherwise it will be ignored. Since there were a couple more hours before the fireworks begin, the MINUTE TAKER has compiled (for the sake of the record) a number of questions that are, most likely, infrequently asked:

• (As mentioned above:) How will YOU decide what issues WE work on? And how does the input WE provide through various feedback mechanisms affect YOUR decision?
• What are the progressive values for which Operation Democracy stands?
• What exactly is the "Republicans' corporate agenda," and how does Operation Democracy actively foster a 'viable progressive alternative'?
• Does the 'Republican's corporate agenda' include campaigns against a living wage? Campaigns against standardized labor practices?
• How many volunteers has MoveOn PAC contracted Grassroots Campaigns, Inc to recruit?
• When I join Operation Democracy, and I fail to respond to the MoveOn PAC email that tells me that GCI would "like to contact" me (which, the record must show, is highly likely since any mass email receives at best a 2-10% response rate), does Telefund get my contact information?
• If yes, (and the answer is almost certainly yes, although the record must show that the MINUTE TAKER has still been unable to locate Grassroots Campaigns' privacy policy on its website, even after attempts to contact GCI have been made) then how much money (based upon standing average) does Telefund expect to extract from me?
• Are Telefund's anti-union practices a part of the progressive values and long-term movement strategy for which Operation Democracy stands?
• Where have the majority of the organizers originally hired on for Operation Democracy gone to? Perhaps another Operation? Is that Operation more, or less, Democratic?
• Were they just not tough enough to handle the demands of Operation Democracy?

The MINUTE TAKER wishes you a happy Fourth of July! God Bless America.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

OPERATION DEMOCRACY Oil Free Congress Media Event Minutes!

Let the record show that in XXX on June 28, 2006, the skies threatened to rain all day. Let the record further show that the MINUTE TAKER was not contacted in any way by the MoveOn PAC XXX Chapter Volunteer Coordinator M about the details for the scheduled Oil Free Congress Media Event. Were the MINUTE TAKER but an ordinary volunteer, that would probably have been the end of it; yet civic determination prevailed, and an inquiry about the event's status was sent directly to the XXX MoveOn PAC Field Organizer J.

Organizer J responded: "All events are rain or shine."

The record must show the MINUTE TAKER's disbelief in J's claim -- there can be no other explanation for how the MINUTE TAKER arrived at the pre-designated intersection, as the first drops finally came down, without an umbrella. And so it was with mixed feelings that, at 5:02pm, the MINUTE TAKER observed no signs of Operation Democracy in action -- indeed, the MINUTE TAKER could not even find the pre-designated gas station (a Texaco) amid the intersection's four gas stations (a BP, two Mobils, and a Shell).

Let the record show that it was now rush hour.

At 5:12pm, after three loops around the block, the MINUTE TAKER pulled into the Shell to see if any wi-fi signals were around. After three minutes of fruitless laptop wrangling, the MINUTE TAKER was startled by a knock on the car window.

A man, already wet by rain, held up a flyer that said "HIGH GAS PRICES?" The MINUTE TAKER had no time to react before the man handed over the flyer and said:

"Here -- it's about the election."
The man turned and hurried away across the station plaza.
It must be noted that the flyer, which described the XXX District Representative's acceptance of large sums of Oil Lobby money ("Caught red-handed!" said the flyer), was not in any discernible way about the election.

At 5:16pm, The MINUTE TAKER followed this man around to the parking lot behind the gas station, where M was standing with a group of MoveOn Democracy Operatives.

There was a stack of almost 300 'Caught Red Handed' fliers, a case of 24 bottles of water, five umbrellas, and nine Democracy Operatives. (Only three of these Operatives had also attended the Sunday Potluck.) The Democracy Operatives (and their fliers) were already damp, but the mood was bright.

At 5:17pm, a question was asked: might other Democracy Operatives be unable to find the group because the designated gas station was a Texaco that did not actually exist? M shrugged, and noted that it still said 'Texaco' on the station's air pump. And so it did.

Let the attendance record show that B.T., challenger to the incumbent Representative of District XXX, was present. B.T. was attending strictly as a volunteer; let the record further show that Candidate B.T. seems to be a really nice guy.

At 5:18pm, M re-established the Objectives for the Operation Democracy Oil Free Congress media event:

• Approach fellow citizens in the gas station plaza.
• Hand 'Caught red-handed!' fliers to fellow citizens as they pump gas.
• Take back Congress.

At 5:21pm, it was announced that the Shell Station Attendant had denied the use of the Shell plaza for this Operation Democracy Event.

Alternative strategies were discussed.

Candidate B.T. grabbed a sizable stack of fliers and a clipboard, opened his umbrella, and walked straight to the median of -- Street, where he proceeded to hand fliers through windows. Let the record show that Candidate B.T. is a man of initiative.

At 5:23pm, having walked to the Northeast corner of the intersection and into the Mobil located on that corner, M showed the flyer to the attendant and asked for permission. The attendant raised his arms and said 'if my boss comes by, you ain't talked to me.'

Upon exiting the station, an excited M answered his phone:
"Whattup. Yeah I got fuckin' twenty people out here."
(Let the record show that the MINUTE TAKER counted eleven.)
"We're tryin to get some fuckin' Republicans out of office. I got people at the BP, the Shell and both Mobils. Yeah, come if you want. Peace."

At 5:28pm, M's girlfriend, S, arrived. S had printed out six large signs at Kinkos, reading 'Grand Oil Party' and 'High Gas Prices?' in bold black print.

The MINUTE TAKER asked M when the media would arrive at this media event. M replied that he had called "a bunch of names off a list" that had been supplied to him by Regional Coordinator R. M had left messages for all. "But I mean, even if they came, I don't know how they would find us."

S suggested that the group could concentrate itself at the corner of the intersection (Northeast), where the display would be more visible to any potential media sources. But M (and the rest of the group) seemed content to roam freely among the traffic, holding the signs or handing out fliers, unconcerned with the appearance thereby presented to the media.

The MINUTE TAKER was assigned to the eastern median of the intersection with C, a retired housewife. Let the record show that C was rather good at walking right up to cars and handing the fliers through their improbably lowered windows, but between C and the young lady selling Peanut M&Ms out of a cooler, the MINUTE TAKER decided to stray from this assignment in search of turf that was less saturated, and perhaps not quite so close to the flow of traffic.

Let the record show that it was still rush hour, and there was a brisk rain, and that XXX was recently rated among the very worst cities in America for dangerous traffic.

At 5:45PM, M mounted a trash can at the corner of the intersection (Northwest), faced traffic, and held high above his head a sign in each hand ('Grand Oil Party' on the left, and 'High Gas Prices?' on the right). M punctuated this message by nodding his head, as if at a live performance of popular music.

Let the record show that cars did honk, and drivers did wave.

Let the record further show that S, who is a comely young lady, was without an umbrella, and was wearing a tight white shirt. (Though the following point was not verbalized during the Oil Free Congress Media Event, the MINUTE TAKER must question, for the record, the wisdom of this wardrobe choice. It should be noted, however, that the frequency and duration of honking on her side of the street was noticeably higher.)

At 5:55PM, Candidate B.T. approached the MINUTE TAKER. The Candidate was also wearing a white shirt, not so tight as S's but substantially more translucent (despite his umbrella). Disregarding the visibility of his own chest hair, Candidate B.T. asked the MINUTE TAKER for 'a reload' of fliers. The MINUTE TAKER's own supply was by now so wet that it was rather difficult to separate a single sheet. Candidate B.T. and the MINUTE TAKER split the mushy stack and dispersed back into the field.

From 5:58PM to 6:13PM, the MINUTE TAKER logged the following interactions at the Mobil station (southeast):
• handed a flier to a man in a business suit, who grunted.
• handed the flier to a man filling the tank of a van with at least 12 working-age males inside; no eye contact was made.
• draped the flier over the gas-pumping hand of a woman who's other hand was busy with an engrossing cell phone call.
• had a flier trapped by a window that was being closed in response to the MINUTE TAKER's approach.
• crumpled up a flier and stuffed it in the exhaust pipe of an H2 Hummer (OK, just thought about that one).

At 6:15PM, Candidate B.T. -- who had been walking up and down the three lanes of stopped traffic for more than half an hour -- handed out his last flier. M made a joke about a nearby van about to 'move on' the Candidate.

Let the record show that, after some practice, all Democracy Operatives reported success with the method of 'just hand it to them and keep walking.'

At the conclusion of the Oil Free Congress Media Event, the Operation Democracy team met for a picture in front of the Mobil sign (northeast). Candidate B.T. invited us all to volunteer with his campaign, but qualified the statement by saying that it could not be in any official capacity with MoveOn. A brief impromptu speech followed, in which Candidate B.T. informed us that the XXX District incumbent is in the top ten in Congress for the highest amount of accepted Oil Lobby funds. The incumbent took one of the most expensive trips around the world offered to a Representative last year, and came back supporting a foreign dictatorship.

Candidate B.T. shook hands with the Democracy Operatives, shook the water off of his clipboard, and walked away. A Democracy Operative leaned over to the MINUTE TAKER and asked, 'who's that dude?'


See some media from this event here.